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Permanent Hair Removal

Does it exist? Is it for you?
Yes, permanent hair removal does exist. In all cases, unwanted hair can be removed safely, comfortably, and permanently. Electrolysis remains the only way to achieve this goal. Alternate methods, often advertised as electrolysis, have confused women and made many skeptics of the procedure. Galvanic electroepilcitran, also called "true electrolysis" is the only procedure that uses the electrolysis principle. There have been many articles and studies which have compared the effectiveness of different methods. The vast majority have concluded that "true electrolysis" is both safer and more effective than any other alternative method currently available. It is the ONLY method of permanent hair removal that is available in the marketplace today. My office specializes in the practice of this procedure using the Modern Galvanic Method-electrolysis practiced in its best form.

Modern Galvanic uses a minute amount of direct current. It is a unique procedure that allows us to treat the hair follicle as well as the hair. This ensures no further growth in that follicle. That is why we are able to achieve our goals, complete areas to be treated and our patients experience permanent results with areas that remain "hair free".

Yes, with very few exceptions (medical conditions) true electrolysis is safe and effective for everyone. True electrolysis, as practiced by Picone Beauty & Wellness, can be used on virtually all parts of the body. Besides obvious unsightly hair we shape eyebrows, "bare" bikini lines, "free" underarms, toes and fingers from unwanted hair permanently.

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