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The Classics
Our aestheticians use the finest products & techniques to nourish and revitalize your skin. Our treatments are performed in a tranquil environment and include a thorough evaluation & massage of the face, hands, arms & décolleté.

European Facial
This relaxing enzyme facial is designed to gently exfoliate the skin, improving quality and clarity. Your skin will become more balanced & polished. Appropriate for all skin types.
75 minutes — $100.00

Teen Facial
A treatment especially designed for the needs of teenage skin. Along with a fresh exfoliating treatment and extractions, we provide education on skin care, at-home extractions & appropriate product usage. (does not include massage)
75 minutes — $85.00

GQ Facial
A relaxing facial designed to nourish a man’s skin. A variation on our European facial, this treatment includes hand, arm, shoulder & facial massage, as well as mild extractions.
75 minutes — $100.00

Prenatal Facial
Pregnancy can bring its own set of skin care challenges. We have developed this facial especially for our expectant mothers. Comfort is a high priority at this time. Just relax as we pamper you!
90 minutes — $100.00

Cosmopolitan Facials
Our cosmopolitan line of specialty facials rival those offered by the hottest international spas. Great for a night out, special event or just because. These facials will take years off instantly.

Be My Honey
This healing treatment contains a large percentage of organic botanicals targeted for redness, dryness and irritation. The delicious and effective formula of honey, oats, chamomile and olive will hydrate while soothing the senses. Great on sunburned and dry skin!
90 minutes — $100.00

Clean Slate
Sea clay, algae and aloe come together in an oil-free mask that is designed to draw out excess oils and purify the skin. The overall effect will moisturize, protect, provide cell nutrition and calm sensitive or inflamed skin. Begin each day with a clean slate.
90 minutes — $100.00

Oil Change Acne Control Facial

Multi-faceted agents target all of the causes of acne. Eliminate blackheads, clogged pores and blemishes revealing the true you.
90 minutes — $100.00

Organic Silk Hydrating Soy Facial
Organic botanicals and emollients designed to bio-target dehydrated skin. Provides superior hydration and “plumping” using hemp, soy and green tea.
90 minutes — $110.00

Cool Copper Regeneration Facial
Reduces facial expression lines, improves firmness and elasticity and stimulates collagen. This healing treatment contains a large percentage of botanicals (chamomile, cucumber, grape seed, copper). Regeneration with cooling sensations.
90 minutes — $110.00

Advanced Facial Treatments
Looking for dramatic results without any down time? These advanced facial treatments are for you. Our aestheticians have researched these top of the line products to bring out dramatic changes in your skin.

A Breath of Fresh Air Oxygen Treatment
This amazing oxygen treatment leaves skin glowing, while helping to reverse the signs of sun exposure. This treatment is invigorating and refreshing and leaves your skin supple, firm, and recharged. A fabulous way to maintain results after any series of peels!
90 minutes — $125.00

Oxygen Facial for Rosacea
This series of treatments using rosemary, evening primrose & other natural ingredients help to minimize the irritation and inflammation caused by rosacea.
Individual Treatment – 90 minutes — $125.00
Series of 4 Treatments — $435.00

Do You Believe in Miracles? Facial
We’ve combined our highly effective enzyme facial with a galvanic massage designed for maximum lifting, wrinkle reducing, and tightening effect that will last for days. Perfect before any event.
90 minutes — $125.00

Go Spot Go Facial
Poweful lightening agents will biotarget uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. This is a very healing treatment and contains a large percentage of organic botanicals and natural lightening agents.
90 minutes — $110.00

Perfect Fit Regeneration Facial
Super concentrated messenger peptides combat the signs of aging on three fronts: relaxes expression lines “natural Botox”, generates collagen and decreases free-radical damage. This wrinkle releasing facial has it all!
90 minutes — $115.00

Age Is Just a Number
One word – AMAZING. This treatment combines all of our best age fighting techniques: microdermabrasion, enzymes, oxygen and galvanic current. Whether done occasionally or in a series, this facial’s results are truly unbelievable.
120 minutes — $225.00

Advanced Anti-aging Treatments
Our peels are medically oriented treatments designed to dramatically improve skin quality and texture. A thorough consultation with our estheticians is necessary in order to receive these services and determine proper strengths.

Pumpkin Peel
This delicious and effective formula of pumpkin, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla will sooth the senses while providing gentle exfoliation and plumping.
90 minutes — $95.00

Saving Face Rosacea Peel
This powerful treatment provides managed care for symptoms of rosacea. In addition, this treatment offers improvements in appearance of fine lines, skin tone, color and texture. Available in three strengths to be determined by esthetician.
90 minutes — $120.00

Acne Peel
A low percentage of salicylic acid makes this peel the perfect treatment for mild to moderate acne. Most of the active acne will dry up within a week of treatment and some mild peeling or flaking may occur. This treatment is most effective with proper at home product usage.
60 minutes — $90.00

The Lunchtime Peel
This salicylic acid peel is available in two strengths. The treatment is excellent for reducing freckles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines & light acne scars.
45 minutes — $90.00

Pure C Microgel Peel
Pure vitamin C is delivered in this multi-leveled peel. This peel is recommended for individuals who are looking to improve skin color, tone and texture. The ideal lunchtime peel, this peel will polish the skin to a radiant glow and augment the skins natural collagen repair mechanisms.
90 minutes — $125.00

Genesis Peel
Delivery of the Dermaware regeneration complex (retinol, regeneration peptides, DHEA youth peptides, vitamin C) in a hydrating system. This is a non-acid peel that can benefit all skin types. Available in two strengths to be determined by the esthetician.
90 minutes — $100.00

Go Spot Go Peel
A tri-phase acid complex (kojic, azelaic & glycolic acid) and ascorbic acid peel that bio-targets uneven skin tone, color and hyperpigmentation.
90 minutes — $125.00

Saving Face Peel
A tri-phase natural acid complex (azelaic, lactic, salicylic acids) treatment provides managed care for oily, acne prone & hyperpigmented skin. Skin tone, color and texture will be dramatically improved.
90 minutes — $125.00

Face Lift Peel
This is an advanced peel designed to boost the results of our specialty peels. The peel and the level of the peel is selected based on skin type, treatment goals & skin tolerance. This peel is designed for advanced resurfacing and is only recommended for individuals who are on a strict product & chemical peel regimine.
90 minutes — $135.00

Switch Treatment
This treatment works especially well for clients with sensitive skin who are experiencing deep lines and wrinkles. Switch is able to aid in the rebuilding of collagen without damaging the skin.
90 minutes — $120.00

Mega Peel Microdermabrasion
Using a physician grade system, we can dramatically reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines, wrinkles and acne without extended down time. A series of treatments is necessary for thorough results.
Individual Treatment — $125.00
Series of 6 — $630.00

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