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We believe a beautiful face, body and soul is simply a reflection of one's health. This is the foundation of The M'LIS program and is the underlying value behind all of our products and services. Our holistic approach to health and beauty helps us help others. By providing unique, healthy lifestyle programs with industry leading products, clients achieve healthy and sustainable lifestyles. From nutritional supplementation to Detoxification, the M'LIS program is a natural fit for anyone trying to achieve wellness.

Nutrition & Wellness Counseling
Consultation — $50
During the consultation we will go over the different program options for nutrition and detoxifying. Consultation price will be absorbed into the cost of the Milis program that is right for you.

Milis Detoxifying Cellulite Wrap
Milis contour body wrap contains ingredients that increase circulation helping to reverse cellulite formation by stimulating the body's lymph functions. The program is designed to help rid the body of waste. Inch loss, purification and elimination are the primary goals of the wrap. This transdermal wrap treatment includes head & foot massage.
2 hours per session
Individual — $160.00
Series of 4 or more — $150.00 per wrap

Why Detoxify?
The only way that toxins are eliminated from the body is through the natural processes of detoxification, which occurs through the skin by perspiration, through the colon by evacuation, through the kidneys by urination, and through the lungs by respiration. When the body has accumulated more toxins than it can handle, the body in its amazing natural healing process attempts a healing response. It must force the toxins out or the body will disease and die.

Toxins are eliminated out of body openings (eyes, ears, nose, rectum, urinary tract and skin). When you have a common cold, you observe mucus, pus, and fluids coming out of every opening of the body. This fluid contains toxic poisons, bacteria, and dead or damaged cells and tissues. The removal of toxin is not an illness or a disease, it is a biological cleansing process done naturally by the body. If toxins are suppressed by the chemical stuffing of symptoms, the body begins to store them. The toxins go deep into the cells and tissues and begin to cause degenerative damage, leading to lethargy, sickness, and eventually to life threatening disease. A person finally passes the point where the body no longer has the ability to cleanse and heal itself. Cells begin to die in body organs, glands and systems. Detoxification helps to reverse this process by enabling the body to rid itself of these toxins and other trapped waste materials.

For a person in good basic health, detoxification on a regular basis will help prevent illness and degenerative disease. For those with health problems, detoxification will allow the body to heal, naturally and without continuing the cycle of chemical stuffing of symptoms.

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